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Dear Readers, here I am Dragthepen, A.K.A. J. R. Floyd

In 2015 I published my first book, The Waiting Game, thus began the journey in creating Conversations with J R Floyd. Now you might be wondering, who is this J. R. And where did she come from? Welcomed to the interview that will answers those questions and more. Sit back and relax, This is Conversations with J R Floyd. Actor, Espirito Domingo interviews J.R. Floyd. Enjoy this up close and personal interview.

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Dear Readers, You know me by my blog/vlog name Dragthepen, but heir is another side to me.

J. R. Floyd, creator of Conversations with J. R. Floyd

Breaking News… Coming Soon the Conversation you’ve been waiting for. J. R. Floyd, Author of The Waiting Game & A Different Flavor of Love. A recipient of the Audrey Lorde Collective award, And winner of the Jacob A. Weiser play-wright award, for her work ” The Conversation.”

The Waiting Game” details the relationship myths that women hear about through the
generations. Women are taught that men are not attracted to strong women, and that a woman’s primary role in society is to get the man and keep him interested. Women have to follow the rules of the game to be successful. Rule one, use prime bait. Rule two, catch the man. Rule three, keep the man no matter what characteristics he possesses. Any rules after that- the men play the rest of the game. Therefore, if this task is not completed—we fail as women.
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Let Your Reminiscence Unfold

Desiree Hancock is the eldest of three children raised by a single mother. She gets pregnant at sixteen by a young man who has big plans for his life, which do not include her. While living in public housing, she gives birth to two children, and attempts to liberate herself from the welfare system by returning to school and earning her high school diploma. In comes Leslie Lambert, a white, wealthy lawyer, and with no children, never married. She is attracted to Desiree, but Desiree’s only interest in Leslie is the lifestyle that she can give to her children. For a while, Desiree plays along until Leslie asks her to make a choice. Desiree is uncertain about exposing who Leslie is. It takes a life-changing event for Desiree to come to terms with the knowledge that Leslie is offering her more than any man ever did.