A matter of opinion.

blog 7-01Dear Readers,

It puzzles me how women of today have lowered their standards when it comes to dressing. They outfit themselves in clothing that makes them appear to be slack and careless to the point of being naked. The latest trend is wearing shorts with their butt cheeks exposed, and thongs and breast visible beneath flimsy dresses, and wearing midriff tops showing multiple layers of their stomachs hanging out and tightly smashed looking like a stuff sausage. Not to mention the awful habit of wearing tights revealing the imprint of their lower bodies from front to back. There is so much more that I can say, but I dare not go on. Slackness in attire does not mean class or style. Class and style begins with a state of mind and mannerisms that complements clothing that are age and size appropriate. I know what you are thinking, it’s their bodies let them do what they want. I agree, but here me out, the women who declare that as a part of self-expression they should be able to wear what pleases them and not others; are the same women who exclaim that they have difficulties meeting men of high quality. These women are searching for men who are Business owners, CEO’s. Doctors, Lawyers, Professional Athletes, some even hope to meet a Trust Fund baby. I have observed that men who are on the receiving end of a six-figure income and higher, often engage in flings, or side romances with women who devalue them by dressing slack, in other words, these women are known as the “Side Piece”. On the other hand, in the words of the late singer Rick James, these women are “super freaks the kind you don’t take home to mother.”  A man of high intellect, income, class status and reputation would be lower his standards and position in society when stepping out with women who is deemed beneath him. Case in point, it was reported in The Sun that Prince Philip, Duke of Edinburgh, advised Prince Harry, Duke of Sussex not to wed Meghan Markle’ “as one steps out with an actresses, you don’t marry them.” When Michelle Obama, Former first lady of the United States meet Barack Obama, he was a young college student, and he dressed in a shirt and pants every day. When Jackie Kennedy meet John Kennedy, she had set a standard for her class and style way before she became the first lady. I will say in their defense that we cannot fully blame today’s’ so called modern women for the common means in which they dress. Look around there is very few women who model the proper decorum. Most women today mimic reality celebrities and big name Hollywood stars in fashion of the more skin, buttocks, breast that is exposed the better. Furthermore, this generation of women who have found themselves at an advanced age do not care to dress like grandma use to because it seems to be old and out of style, they are wrong modesty is never out of style. Please forgive me for this rant, do not take this as body shaming, or bashing as I am saying aloud what most people are thinking.

What say you?