Real Men Versus Real Women

The truth behind who is who.

real people pic

A real man versus a real woman

The phrases “ real man and real woman” have been bestowed upon a selected few because of others in the society who feel that they possess qualifications to distinguish what constitutes who is “real.” Meaning, who is not an imitation, artificial or genuine. I see postings on Facebook like; a real woman can handle a busy man…, being a real man doesn’t mean you sleep with 100 girls…

People let’s get back to basic and look at the facts, life is filled with every day regular people, and it doesn’t take a person with a higher level of consciousness to understand that as individual we have different life experiences, which shaped us into who we are. Instead of standing in judgement of your sisters and brothers, come down off your high horse, take your nose out of the air and teach those who exhibit behavior that is unbecoming of a man or woman.

That’s what “real” people do!

What say you?

Greetings from the Mad Dater


Photo by Howard Harris

This post is dedicated to one of my most sincere supporters, Mr. Michael Roach, you said in one of your comments that you sensed that the Mad Dater is ” growing weary in her quest that one who is meant for her.”

To this the Mad Dater says, that she is past feeling weary, especially, with online dating schemes. Most men are frauds online as well as in person. The one good aspect about searching for a partner online is that, it allows a person the opportunity to go through multiple profiles and to have online discussions, before wasting time suffering through tragic date, after date, after date.

What the Mad Dater noticed is that, men  are willing to be just as dishonest online as they are in person. She is truly at a loss  for words, as to why people who are not rational and moral thinkers, play mental and emotional games with individuals, who are honestly and hopefully, seeking to find a descent person, on the other side of the computer to enjoy life with.