A Women’s Worth

Dear Readers,

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Happy New Year.

We need to stop applauding women for being exhausted due to forsaking self-care and their mental and emotional health, while supporting families, working outside the home and wearing multiple hats. I don’t believe in the myth of superwomen. Society is overwhelmed with women who are physically drained, suffering from health issues, emotionally empty, depressed, oppressed, feeling trapped and ignored. Women are told that women complain too much and are never satisfied. Women give so much and get little in return. 

Brand New Day

Happy Anniversary to me

Dear Readers,
It’s the one year Anniversary of Conversations with J. R. Floyd. One year since I created this platform of having Conversations with you on my You Tube Channel and live on Facebook. It’s the people that support my efforts of making my vision a reality and for this I am deeply grateful.
I am celebrating life in a new way because life has not always been good. In 2013, I stated this journey of self-discovery, and I have learned so much about me and why I was headed down a road of darkness.
For a long time I didn’t think that my life was worth getting out of bed day after day. I didn’t feel any joy in the things that I was doing, and getting my education drained me. For years I worked two job in order to support myself. The biggest disappointment is that I did not acquire the career path I envisioned. At the time I did not understand that my life would take a different turn that would lead me to creating something more meaningful with my life.
After succumbing to a three year depression over my failed attempt of becoming a public school teacher, and struggling through a few disastrous relationships; In 2015 I hit rock bottom emotionally and financially I wanted life to end. But I keep pushing holding into the last bit of hope that someday my life would change. And change it did but change wasn’t without its own set of struggles.
It all started with a Valentine’s Day post that I do each year on Facebook. A friend of mine read the post and asked me did I have a blog, of course the answer was no. She introduced me to the world of WordPress, it took about three months before I got the hang of blogging. I went from blogging to drafting my first novel ” The Waiting Game” follow by a short short, ” A different flavor of Love”, This same friend introduced me to the world of self publishing . The journey has not been easy I have a lot to learn. The biggest lesson I have learned is that I am capable of doing more then what I expected of myself, the truth of the matter is that I was limiting myself.
Last year 2018, I created Conversations with J. R. Floyd, my You Tube channel out of frustration of a failed engagement. I had to stop myself because I wasn’t making progress and my quality of my life was ZERO. I relocated a great distance away from friends and family. I put completing my Masters in Education on hold. I took a three month leave of absence from teaching, and kept working three days at my second position as a residence counselor. I did not watch TV, checked my email twice a day ( Morning and Evening) I only posted what I needed on my Facebook page one a week, and asked my family and friends to respect my need for space and time out.
I found this amazing group of women on Instagram and joined a 90 day writing and journal challenge. No matter the daily obstacles I stuck to the plan. I ate clean, worked out as often as I could and started reading again. As I result of the 90 days in seclusion I completed my journal of 90 of self reflection, discovery and renewal, I have decided to publish this journal in hoped that people will read it and understand that they are not alone in their struggles. Conversations with J. R. Floyd is my new brand. I have found my notch.
Wow. What a difference a year makes. I still do not watch much TV, I like the reading and their is so much I have to learn about becoming a public speaker, in my new BIO I list myself as being a Singer, Blogger, Writer, Educator, and Motivational and Transformation Coach and Speaker. June 17, 2019, after three years of preparing I finally made it to Carnegie Hall to perform Robert Schumann’s Requiem with my classical chorus. This month July, I am traveling to California to tape my show Conversations with J. R. Floyd. My life has taken on a fresh new existence. I walk taller and I have a sense of clarity that I have never had.
I will always be true to my first love teaching, I never became a public school teacher, life had others plans for my talents. I teach English Literature and Grammar workshops to ESL students at a Community College. This past Winter ( Jan to June) I had the privilege to teach my first and I hope not my last High School Equivalency class to a group of amazing adults. My path in life is clear I am called to use my knowledge of the English language to inspire my students, develop my skills as a writer/blogger, while conquering the area of public speaking.
I am no longer trying to establish a career because I now know that I have to create my own opportunity. I know my Romeo is out there, but right now, I am not interested in interrupting my flow, I like my peace, my space to create, the new path that I am walking and the people’s lives that I am touching. When I wake up each morning I have purpose and the drive and energy to make my vision a reality. Happy Anniversary to me.
P.S. coming up soon my new website, my 90 days of Refection, Discovery and Renewal journal soon to be published, In the meantime, my first two novels ” The Waiting Game” & A Different Flavor of Love” are available on Amazon.
Thank you for reading, commenting, and watching my videos
J. R. Floyd a.k.a Dragthepen

A matter of opinion.

blog 7-01Dear Readers,

It puzzles me how women of today have lowered their standards when it comes to dressing. They outfit themselves in clothing that makes them appear to be slack and careless to the point of being naked. The latest trend is wearing shorts with their butt cheeks exposed, and thongs and breast visible beneath flimsy dresses, and wearing midriff tops showing multiple layers of their stomachs hanging out and tightly smashed looking like a stuff sausage. Not to mention the awful habit of wearing tights revealing the imprint of their lower bodies from front to back. There is so much more that I can say, but I dare not go on. Slackness in attire does not mean class or style. Class and style begins with a state of mind and mannerisms that complements clothing that are age and size appropriate. I know what you are thinking, it’s their bodies let them do what they want. I agree, but here me out, the women who declare that as a part of self-expression they should be able to wear what pleases them and not others; are the same women who exclaim that they have difficulties meeting men of high quality. These women are searching for men who are Business owners, CEO’s. Doctors, Lawyers, Professional Athletes, some even hope to meet a Trust Fund baby. I have observed that men who are on the receiving end of a six-figure income and higher, often engage in flings, or side romances with women who devalue them by dressing slack, in other words, these women are known as the “Side Piece”. On the other hand, in the words of the late singer Rick James, these women are “super freaks the kind you don’t take home to mother.”  A man of high intellect, income, class status and reputation would be lower his standards and position in society when stepping out with women who is deemed beneath him. Case in point, it was reported in The Sun that Prince Philip, Duke of Edinburgh, advised Prince Harry, Duke of Sussex not to wed Meghan Markle’ “as one steps out with an actresses, you don’t marry them.” When Michelle Obama, Former first lady of the United States meet Barack Obama, he was a young college student, and he dressed in a shirt and pants every day. When Jackie Kennedy meet John Kennedy, she had set a standard for her class and style way before she became the first lady. I will say in their defense that we cannot fully blame today’s’ so called modern women for the common means in which they dress. Look around there is very few women who model the proper decorum. Most women today mimic reality celebrities and big name Hollywood stars in fashion of the more skin, buttocks, breast that is exposed the better. Furthermore, this generation of women who have found themselves at an advanced age do not care to dress like grandma use to because it seems to be old and out of style, they are wrong modesty is never out of style. Please forgive me for this rant, do not take this as body shaming, or bashing as I am saying aloud what most people are thinking.

What say you?



Ten Ridiculous Relationship Myths

Dear Readers,

If you are now joining my blog  a few days ago a light bulb went off in my head. I’ve decided to create a You Tube channel, my own little talk show called Conversations from my Couch. This is an open forum to talk about every day issues, like relationships, women empowerment, health and fitness, political topics, and education. I am going to have fun, but be serious when I need to be. I just want to talk to the PEOPLE. so let me hear from you.

This segment comes to you courtesy of my very, very good friend Sara. She agreed to do an impromptu talk about some relationships myths. Sit Back and have Fun.