Its all in the Attitude

Dear readers,

I am grateful to know that there are lessons  to learn from what we perceive as negative experiences. At the end of the day, when the dust settles, we are able to see the positive. I am thankful for learning that lesson.

What say You?

3 thoughts on “Its all in the Attitude

  1. Yes. I feel that my children are getting a bad education from society when they are told that they’re always ‘perfect’… ugh. (everyone gets an award *sigh*) I have had to teach them, on my own, that it’s okay to screw up. It’s part of the process… and feeling bad is a perfectly human reaction to disappointment… it’s what motivates you forward… what isn’t allowed is feeling sorry for yourself, or quitting.

    Besides… anyone that has been through childbirth (or witnessed it) knows what a load of crap the expectation of ‘perfection’ and ‘positive everything’ is… 😉

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