My Week

Dear Readers, 

I have a week off. No remote teaching until February 9, and job number 2, where I worked as a Director Support Professional in a group home only scheduled me for one day.  My first reaction was anger, I had planned to work a few extra days to pay for my birthday trip in March. I thought this sucks, what am I going to do with myself for an entire week?

As luck would have it this week off worked in my favor. First, I live in New York City. We recently experienced a snow storm that dropped 12 to 18 inches. Second, I compiled a list of things I really needed to accomplish, however, I’ve been in procrastinating mode. Here is my story. I am planning my retirement by building a tiny house ( 200-250 square feet) during my research and online chats with people in the tiny house community. They recommend that I begin to downsize and decide what I can and can’t live with or without. 

So, I began with the filing system. I never knew I had so much old paper. In three hours I shredded six ( 13 gal sizes) garbage bags. I will need to schedule another to reorganize new files, but the good news is all the old stuff is gone. And the new rule is check the filing system every six months. I took a coffee break and moved onto the next project, my CD and DVDS.

I can’t live without my music. I am an oldie but goodies kinda gal. I was able to let go of ten DVDS, but I know there will be more. I let go of 20 CD’s and kept about 40 of the classics. That was easy, now for the hard part my books. I had previously downsized my collection twice over the last three years. I don’t buy new books, but if I see a good deal I read them and let them go. I have about 80 books, including photo albums, I don’t think I can let them go. Therefore, when I build my house, space for my books is very important. I didn’t mention the box of journals that I’ve been keeping in an airtight container in my closet. I’ve kept a journal each year since 1992. My goal is to hire a typing pool of college students and have my journals bound into books for my grandchildren. 

I have always lived in small spaces because of affordability and I’ve learned to buy only what I need. I was also advised by the people in the tiny house community to preserve and recycle any items that can be included in building my house. The hardest part of this downsizing is going to be my kitchen, I want to keep everything. I like to cook, bake and entertain, so this will be my last project. 

In the meantime, I am learning from the people in the tiny house community, to cut spending as much as possible, only buy what’s necessary, clean up my credit, pay off all credit cards, and practice living like a minimalist advice that I am taking very seriously. 

Before the sunset I ventured outside for a fifteen minute walk in the snow and rewarded myself with a muffin. So, this is day two of my week at home. The next three days I will spend completing two books I am reading at the same time, and preparing for next week. I am ready to get back to teaching and going outside traveling to work at least two days a week.

I enjoy this time at  home, but I do need to have interaction with others and not so much isolation.

Thank you for reading. How is your week? 

15 thoughts on “My Week

  1. Glad to hear about your Tiny Home preps: I’ve liked the idea of a Tiny House for years, but it seems that most states don’t make it too easy to put your Tiny Home somewhere, so I’ve been hemming and hawing on what to do.

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    • You are correct about the red tape when it comes to tiny houses. There are ten states that allow them as long as the guide lines are followed. L am leaving looking at Texas, Arizona, North Carolina, or the Catskills

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      • Hmm, well, that is a start. I know that New Mexico and California are both tied up in red tape from NIMBY towns rejecting state level zoning (and other policies), but I recall seeing a Tiny Home parked in someone’s backyard in MD (Rockville, I think, so Montgomery county, more affluent, overall), but I that was apparently an overnight only. I was hoping the the LATCH collective in LA would make some headway, but apparently the rich folks in LA county and/or neighboring conservative (guess that’s where Reagan came from?) Orange county are quashing the collective’s efforts to change zoning laws to allow Tiny Homes there. I don’t understand all of this NIMBYism. A Tiny Home is the perfect solution to alot of problems, but not if it is used to keep keeping folks out.

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  2. This sounds like an exciting time for you. Retirement is great. I wish I had done it sooner. You will be busier but happier and it is great having options to do what you want to do. I wish you luck with the downsizing and tiny home. I love Arizona and North Carolina. I am sure you will be happy wherever you decide to go. Take care. Scott

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  3. It sounds like your week off turned out to be a blessing! That’s great that you’re doing all your research and preparing ahead of time. It makes it so much less stressful when the time comes. Good luck with your tiny home adventures!

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  4. I remember the snow storm in NYC back in 1995/1996: I went for a walk and felt like I was the only crazy person outside. I thought, I was just walking a few blocks and the freezing wind was killing me – snow everywhere. I won’t forget.
    I hope you’re doing good. All the best to you from Germany. Yours, Sovely

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