Corona virus and Relationships

Dear  Readers,

It is time to revisit the foundation of our relationship or situation ship during this time of  being sheltered in place due to the crisis brought on by the corona virus. This subject is no laughing matter. I see an increasing number of negative comments about the status of relationships and the lack of emotional bonding with spouses and children. The majority of people are blaming being shut in at home, why hasn’t it sunk into people’s mind that this is a situation that is crucial to save lives. However, being sheltered in place has brought out the true nature of people’s personalities. 

Couples are claiming to be forced to remain under the same roof. I used the word FORCED because this is the language I observe people using in various postings on Facebook, Instagram and Tik Tok that describe being trapped into spending time at home with family. I come to the conclusion that people are in deep reflection about the level of commitment towards their partner. Question, Do you exist in your relationship with one foot in, and the other foot on the other side of the door?  

Do you pay attention to how people list their relationship status on their social media pages? For the people who use the word Complicated when describing their relationship, I say,  this is an insult. If being sheltered in place for safety with the individual you cohabitate with has brought you to a level of discomfort, that you crave to run out into a virus filled world, where an  invisible disease can and will snuff out your life faster than the speed of light. If this is how you feel then yes, you should evaluate why you settled in a relationship or situation ship, that you’ve developed contempt and resentment towards your partner, who is probably not aware that you have been practicing social and emotional distancing before the corona virus rolled into town.   

To all the people who have been faking their commitment and over the last few weeks you were not able to sneak out, avoid, stay away, and lie about working overtime to slide around with your side piece and be unfaithful. You have been prohibited from going to bars, and hanging out with your single friends to escape a relationship that you now recognized as not being up to the standard you hoped it would be.  

What’s really happening is that at this time people have been brought face to face with what they  have been trying to escape. Relationships are not being destroyed; they were already damaged before we were ordered to shelter. in place. Question, when was the last time you’ve been honest with yourself that your boo, bae, ride or die, your soul mate or life partner: that the thrill is gone and you’re not into the relationship as you once were?  Before this period of being shut in people were good at leaving, avoiding and using physical and emotional distancing, instead of dealing with the crisis in their relationships. 

I think that it is sad that people will use this crisis as an excuse to break off relationships that were already at a dead end. My heart goes out to the hopeless romantic who hope that living so closely that their disconnection between them and their spouse will be strengthened, after many years of neglect, emotional distance and denial.  The reality is that at this point some people have no desire to put in the work to save a relationship simply because they have CHECKED OUT. There is no good time to abandon a relationship that you have vowed to be committed to for the long haul. However, to abandon a family and a  spouse during a time of panic, fear, uncertainty, chaos, depression, and financially upheaval is shameful.


What Say You? 

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15 thoughts on “Corona virus and Relationships

  1. The terms “life relationships” and “for better or worse” are truly being tested right now. Those who hook up or move in with the thought “I can always leave if it does not work out” were never truly committed anyway. This is a great teaching moment for us all. Stay well. Allan

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  2. To be honest this time has made me realize that I need to do better in my marriage. I took him for granted and was okay just giving what I thought he needed. I felt like he was the issue when it was me. I have been working on me and on us. Things have been so much better. My marriage is important and this shelter in place has made us both realize that we didn’t give 100%. I feel like to many people give and put effort into what they really want. If it’s a marriage or relationship that you really want then the effort should be put in.

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  3. This topic has been on my mind since covid crisis outbroke.
    People living under one roof are becoming more nurturing towards each other. Great thing. Understanding the importance of family or just few good people around who genuinely care.

    Great post!

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  4. I do think it’s revealing that so many relationships are imploding because they can’t be periodically escaped. True, some people may be in a situation where they cannot get the space they need to nurture themselves enough to participate compassionately in a relationship. However, in many cases I think this does point to a deeper problem if frequent distance is only way you can keep a relationship healthy.

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