The Visitor



Greetings from the Mad Dater, There is no dating news to report, but I do have this to say.

Have you ever found yourself in a relationship with a visitor? Meaning, a person who shows up like a guest. The visitor, will claim to be committed to the relationship, but not as a full-time partner. The visitor, will make an appearance only when the time is convenient for them. Dating a visitor is like being at a pit stop; they will come through to have their needs attended to, and before you can blink they are gone.

The visitor, can also appear and disappear in and out of a relationship like a magician. Being in a relationship with a visitor, is emotionally and mentally draining.  So, the next time you observe yourself being in a relationship with a visitor, put out the no vacancy sign.

What Say You?

Stay tune for part two…. The Representative 

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