The Relationship Talk

You said “I’m running away,” but when I look down my feet are firmly planted on the ground.

You said, “I’m not willing to give in and let myself go.”

So, I said, “self-let’s think about this running away, giving in and letting go.” I’ve spent many days and nights pondering silently and sometimes speaking aloud about this “running away, giving in and letting go.” And I’ve come to concluded; what I am running away from the old stale, complacent, routine of a “RELATIONSHIP,” and the lack of romance, no not sexual intercourse, but good ole fashion remember the flowers, a love note or card, holding hands and a gift on date night just because.

I’m running away from being suffocated by a partner who continually whimpering about the lack of attention, which translates into not enough sex. Running from the idea that I owe wifely duties without the ring. Running away from not being supported, respected, valued and permitted space to grow as an individual.  Running away from the proposed thinking that we are one, Yep, when I think about it, I am running……..

Part 2, the unwillingness to give in. I do not quit comprehend what is meant by the term “give in.” Repeatedly in my mind I said “give in; give in” until the meaning became clear, don’t you mean, “Give up?”  Give up my time, passion and aspirations for the well-being of the “RELATIONSHIP” because there is no longer me, I, or self, but we, us and ours.

Finally, “letting myself go.” Hmmmmm…Go where and why? Do you mean immersing myself into the abyss of the “RELATIONSHIP” so deep that I forget who I am, and what I want out of this life, my life? Do you see where I am going with this?  I am running away, unwilling to give in and not letting go because…………..maybe you don’t need to know why?

This is what you should know. I would run towards and hold onto a man who truly understands and illustrates the qualities of what it means to be committed “PARTNERSHIP.” I am willing to give into and let myself go to walk on the wild side, with a man who accepts me as I am and sees’ the value of having me as their life partner.

I would like to feel secure and cared for by a man who is supportive of my career goals, ministry, and love for pets, romance and quite time. I am not willing to run to or give into and let myself go for a temporary lay or for Mr. Right now. I am willing to take a chance on always and forever.

What Say You?

6 thoughts on “The Relationship Talk

  1. This is so captivating and such an important topic. Many people go into relationships without fully comprehending what they are getting themselves into. Thanks for sharing your wisdom. I can’t wait ti read more

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  2. Partnership. Definitely is the goal. I’ve been married almost 20 years… and I can say, without a doubt, that there has been a constant battle of wills bubbling throughout… every other year, or life event and there’s renegotiating going on. The ‘relationship’ part? Is committing to fighting that battle. Try a few boxing classes or taekwondo or something… that should get you in the mental spirit! 😉

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  3. You are a very strong and old school individual in a new school game. The game has changed so much and the players are expected to evolve as the game changes. You have quintessential ideals for a relationship in a time where the morals and values have been lost because generations have gotten younger and younger so what we have are children teaching children. Let me break it down using musically terms. You are old school music timeless, make you feel good, clean and wholesome and the game is this new school mumble rap don’t know what is going on lost in the sauce crap. Here’s the problem you are not appreciated by new school cast because they don’t know the value of old school. Nu school doesn’t understand the fundamental principal of without old school there is no nu school. Ultimately old school remains the timeless classic music made in a different era where it was ok to not fit into a mold, where the standards and morals where the thing that people respected about one another, Nu school is what old school would never be and that’s how you have to view who you are. You will never fit into this new game because you are from a different era which has not changed and conformed to fit in or to be accepted. DON’T CHANGE FOR THE GAME SAKE!!


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