A Few Words.

DEAR Readers,

When a woman says, ” she doesn’t want a man in her life” that’s not an open door for people to throw shade, condemn or label her a lesbian. You have not lived her life nor her experiences. She might be on a path of healing and self-discovery. So, before you become judge and jury respect and honor the fact that these women choose to remove herself from dysfunctional men so she can be all she can be for herself. Respect the journey.

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7 thoughts on “A Few Words.

  1. Many men and women who live together same – sex have a relationship not based on sexual matters at all. People often share a place to live with combined income so they can afford a place. Often there is no family support. Combined incomes are absolutely necessary for many people to survive esp with current inflation ,job loss or illness. There is nothing evil or immoral with people choosing to live alone or for people with roommates.

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