Those Eyes

Dear Readers,

I rather see the world through the eyes of a child. To see the world with innocence, joy, playfully, no judgement, bright and smiling. Eyes that believe in fairies, and laughs at the stars. Eyes that are amazed at discovery and are in awww at silly things and butterflies, lady bugs, and rainbows. Eyes that don’t lie about emotions and sleep with angelic peace. The eyes of a child are unbiased, clear, and blameless. The eyes of a child uplifts, heals, and gives hope. 

Unlike the eyes of adults that are dark, unfocused, unsure, and they frown. These eyes are tinted by experience, they stop believing, they are filled with mistrust, and evil. The eyes of an adult beam with betrayal, anger, bitterness, shame and guilt. These eyes are serious, dull with responsibility, pain and suffering. Lost is the ray of hope, joy, happiness, and trust. The eyes of an adult are bleak, and have lost direction. 

I rather look at the world through the eyes of a child then I could wipe the tears from my adult eyes, smile and giggle at the funny man in the clouds. 

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Take a moment to Rejoice

Dear Readers,

Despite the pandemic the world is in full holiday mode there are approximately eight days until  Christmas, tonight is the last night of Hanukkah, and if you’re counting there are 15 days until  the new year 2021. I know that people are reflecting on what they have experienced this year, and with the news of increased cases the hospitals continuing to be overwhelmed stressing our frontline workers to the brink of exhaustion, I think we need to take a moment to REJOICE. 

We need something to be happy about moving forward. We have the coronavirus vaccine, and I understand the concerns about the misinformation, the pros and cons and the negativity  surrounding this vaccination, at least this gives us HOPE. On January 20th, 2021 this nation will  have a new president and a renewed energy to unite this divided and broken nation.

Moving forward in 2021, we can look forward to a new beginning and a fresh start. Since March 13th 2020 the world has been holding its breath collectively. Enjoy this holiday season, but we must continue to be vigilant and practice safe distancing. We must make an effort to reverse these increased numbers. This is a time to reconnect to laugh and be happy take a break from wondering what’s next or what if. Take a moment to embrace all that we take for granted. Take a moment to be thankful for what we do have and stop wasting time moaning about what’s missing. 

While you’re sitting around the holiday table, look at the face of the people around you, take time to enjoy them; and when you’re around the Christmas tree opening gifts be thankful for what you are able to give, be thankful for the happiness that you have brought to someone’s life. When you sit down to eat, bless the table with the prayer of Thanksgiving and say a few words of remembrance for family and friends who are no longer with us. Remember those who are  struggling with lack of finances, homelessness, unemployment, domestic violence, hunger and the grieving.

This nation needs a moment to rejoice to feel relief from the mental and emotional anguish that this pandemic has cursed us with. Remember when we felt hopeless we didn’t give up. When depression and anger threatened to overwhelm us, we kept reaching for the light. Remember the people who held your hand and walked with you through the difficult  days. I plead with you to forget foolish family disputes, petty arguments, and meaningless grudges look around despite the odds we have survived and we can continue to thrive

‘Tis the season to REJOICE, LOVE, HOPE, to be KIND, to LAUGH,  and show COMPASSION. Remember this too shall pass until it does take a moment to rejoice.

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A new number doesn’t mean change

Dear Readers,

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So, the count down to the New Year ( 2020) has begun and many people are feeling the anxiety of an approaching new year. You are not alone in your HOPES that maybe a ” New Year” will being more joy, happiness, adventure, and less drama. There is absolutely noting wrong with HOPING, but if our not putting the effort, time, energy, work, and developing a plan of how your going to make the change you desire. Are you aware of why you haven’t had a better quality of life?

Before the ending of 2019, have you sat down in deep contemplation about the obstacles, mental and emotional baggage that you continue to carry into each ” New Year”, yet you keep HOPING. A new number or a new year isn’t going to change any of the situations in your life unless you change. Don’t expect the people or situation around you to change if your not willing to get clear and understand that you can’t continue behaving in the same manner expecting new results.

If you continue to walk the same path than this means you have become stagnate and complacency has set in. So, just using lip services of wishing for change isn’t going to bring about the beauty of a new life. If your living in FEAR of the unknown then letting go of the old in exchange for the new isn’t for you.

Here is a question to ask yourself, How bad do you want or need change? Look around do you like what you see?

How many times are you going to confuse secretly to yourself, ” I am so tried of this?”  Whatever your ” This ” is  making unless New Years Resolutions will help to bring change if you don’t take control of your life. The conversation needs to take place with yourself. I had a dear friend and co worker, who recently celebrated her 56th birthday by taking a cruise, she passed away on that cruise, and the lost was shocking to all of us who knew her.  The point is she made everyday that she lived count. She’s been taking two cruises a year since 2008, This was her way of seeing the words and experiencing the joy, excitement and adventure of  life.

This is your life, your the writer of the script and you can change, edit, revise as much as you want to until you have what you can called ” Your Best Life”. nothing is perfect and it never will be, but haven’t you waited long enough?

The wait is over the choice is yours.


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No you can’t have my joy!

I refuse to allow anyone to steal my joy! Did you hear me? I refused to allow anyone to steal my joy! This is a confession of a former people pleaser that included allowing people to steal my joy. No, Don’t feel sorry for me I willingly participate in opening the path for people to come Into my life and steal my joy.
How did this happen? Let me explain.
I cared too much about other people’s opinions about me regardless if their judgement was right or wrong. I poured my heart and soul into doing whatever I could to make them like me.
I spend way too much time catering to other people’s needs and disobeyed that voice in my head that whispered ” what about you and what you need”. I was under the foolish impressions that people cared. It took me a long time to come to grips with the fact that people are only out for their best interest, and if they can use you its because your a means to an end.
For years I bite my tongue held my peace and refused to talk back to defend myself. I swallowed every insult and stood strong like a dummy and smiled while saying,” its ok.”
I did things I didn’t want to do and visited places I had no business going. I conspired against people because someone asked me to. I denied myself simple pleasures in life because I was too busy giving them to others who I felt deserved the blessing more than I did.
During all of this I carried a cinder block of unhappiness that I couldn’t explain. I was angry, but I did not know who to be angry at. This cycle continued for years until a incident happened that shook me to the core of my thinking. The first thought was to kiss up to the individual and get back on their good side. But that voice in my head overpowered me and roared No! We are not going to allow this situation to steal our joy! It was amazing. It was like I saw the sun for the first time. I asked myself why? Why should I bend because another person chooses to give me the silent treatment. No. No. No. I will not allow you to take my joy! I have armed myself, I have a plan, I am smiling because my plan doesn’t involve revenge, being angry or showing my discomfort. My choice is simply to go about each day and not allow you to steal my joy!
I refuse to be miserable. I refuse to lose sleep think of way to make things right. I refuse to submit to your will.
Today, and every day, I close the door and will not allow you to enter to steal my joy!